Women’s Wellness Group

Location: 1000 Providence Circle, Greece NY
2nd Floor Library and Lounge

Online Access Available! Join online!

$72 for 6 week session, includes printed materials
$15 drop in rate
$330 for 6 week session, plus weekly private coaching

Topic: 4th Dimension Awareness: Heart Chakra’s Quantum Aspects

This is an on-going weekly group meets in 6-week sessions and is open for those who want to deepen their knowledge of sacred texts, philosophies, healing wisdoms, and techniques to learn how to incorporate the wisdom of healing aspects into your day-to-day life and activities. Learn authentic techniques in meditation, mindfulness, techniques for spiritual development and a variety of self-healing practices.

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You will learn how to:

> Rise into your Higher States of Consciousness with authentic meditation techniques.
> Experience the “companionship” of your Inner Guru
> Promote your own self-healing
> Leave behind turbulent emotional patters such as anxiety, worry, fear, doubt, depression.

This group offers on-going training and self-development in:

> The Yoga Sciences
> Quantum Laws
> Sacred Wisdoms belonging to various Healing Sciences
> Meditation techniques… and more.

What to bring
Notebook, snacks if you want, wine… come comfy… learn advanced meditation and healing techniques for your own well-being, or to share with others.

NOTE: Private coaching available in addition to weekly training

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