Rooted in Peace

Cultivating Peace through Mindful Pauses of Meditation Inner peace leads to outer peace. Our personal attitude of peace is a joint principle of non-harming (ahimsa) and acceptance of others. The only path to this mindset is Love.  While fear, hatred, and violence are infectious, so is peace. The surest way toward a peaceful world, is … Continue reading Rooted in Peace


Passion for Living

Life is a dance into the Unknown.  How are we to know what each day may hold for us?  I am sure each of us have experienced waking up with a set mind of how the day will turn out…and then the unexpected happens, which could be something incredible as a new job, a new … Continue reading Passion for Living

A Moment to Pause…the Present Moment

Ancient Eastern philosophers discovered through millennia of observing and meditating that we live in two very different worlds simultaneously.  This belief is now apparent as reality presented by theories in Quantum physics.  The material world of name and form, which we experience with our five sense perceptions, is a manifested, finite world of complex fluctuations.  … Continue reading A Moment to Pause…the Present Moment

Individual Courses for Spiritual Development

Wisdom, when put into practice, provides one the ability to live a life rich in fullness, happiness, and the freedom from the past binding habits of existence. The Buddhi Institute offers clients and students wisdom based courses, spiritual development programs and private coaching sessions. Each mentioned venue provides you with tools to embrace a remarkable … Continue reading Individual Courses for Spiritual Development