The Vortex of Life

Chakras are considered to be the most important energy spots in the body. It’s said that when the chakras are aligned, there is natural balance achieved that cannot be found any other way…and that this “alignment” leads to the highest forms of self-expression and inner contentment. But what are the chakras? What is their purpose, … Continue reading The Vortex of Life


Gyan Mudra: A Gesture of Wisdom

Mudras are generally hand gestures, but may also be body positions, which belong to the Yoga Sciences.   The purpose for incorporating mudras into your yoga and meditation practice is to invoke shifts within your consciousness that will assist you as you develop higher levels of spiritual awareness. Most of us are familiar with Gyan … Continue reading Gyan Mudra: A Gesture of Wisdom

The Name Game: Letting go of Labels in Vipassana Meditation

The intellect belonging to our rational mind is designed to keep us safe and out of harm’s way as we navigate our bodies in this 3-dimensional world of potential dangers, and potential happiness. Life experience and basic instincts guide our efforts for survival. We learn from infancy into our toddler years, that matches burn, stoves … Continue reading The Name Game: Letting go of Labels in Vipassana Meditation

Bye-Bye Ego

Many of the Spiritual Masters compare the process of obtaining self-realization to the struggle of climbing a mountain. Anyone new to their spiritual practice may find this analogy daunting. However, this upward journey can only be completed step-by-step, and it is certain that the limited knowledge you have now, will expand into new levels of … Continue reading Bye-Bye Ego