Winds of Change…our Mind’s Ally

Windy day meditations can incorporate the power of change. To embrace Nature’s power, sit by an open window…(bundle up if it is chilly) and accept the wind as a metaphorical “spirit companion.”  Imagine yourself harnessing all that energy to blow through and with you, to remove your mental clutter.

PIX-sm-MEDITATION-GIRL-ASIA-MKThe winds of change can be a welcomed ally.  Allowing for new thoughts, as the wind shakes the branches of a tree, perhaps your mental perspective will bend and open in a profound way.

Just five minutes of focus on your breath, the wind, and a meditation mantra proclaiming a cleansing of the mind will open up channels for new thoughts to come in. Meditation brings wisdom in stillness and in the wind.

Lack of mediation will absolutely leave the mind clinging to old patterns.

Clear the mind in meditation to know what wellness will take you forward, what defeating thoughts hold you back, and choose the path, which leads to joy. Your higher self is speaking to you in these quiet moments with Self.

Growing your spiritual Self, is indeed a process of Nature.  Embrace the power of Nature as a meditative ally, free your mind, and spirit will soar.


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