Engaged Mindfulness

Many of us know and appreciate the value of meditation time, or allowing ourselves to find inner peace through yoga, or the quiet to be enjoyed while in communion with Nature.  What we struggle with, is bringing “that Peace” into the rest of our lives.

Moments after a yoga class, we may leave the building, get into our car, and into a traffic jam.  Are you still calm and in Peace, or are you now frustrated, yelling, honking and texting on FaceBook that you are stuck in this situation??  Or you may leave a morning class to go directly to work, and within moments is your calm replaced by chaos?  If so, how do we keep the Peace?

I say this because I once had an office job in which I would go in early, and being the only one there, the mornings were quiet, peaceful, and very productive.  Within an hour of the business owner arriving, everyone would be yelling, stressed out, and absolutely EVERYTHING was perceived as a problem.  That was an exhausting environment for this young Buddha!!!

Thankfully, I learned a lesson from a brilliant mind, the Dalai Lama, who wrote about keeping this inner peace, and he used the visual image of keeping a tea cup in your belly, or solar plexus, and the goal was to not let it spill.  To do this, one has to be mindful of their breathing, the pace in which they walk, how they sit, and how to maintain inner peace.  Otherwise, you will spill hot tea…well…all over your “guts.”


Funny enough, this visual helped.

I also told the business owner about the tea cup, and on days when there was chaos, I would shout out, “Tea cups!  Tea cups!  Tea cups!!!” Everyone would laugh, and settle down.

What we learn from meditation, yoga, and times of reflection in Nature are glimpses of what we can have, ALWAYS.  We simply have to allow IT to BE.  If there is chaos surrounding you, go within, and focus on that tea cup.

I hope you remember this story, and giggle when you think of not letting it spill on your guts…the simple amusement of this practice often makes the chaos disappear on its own for me.  I hope it brings you a smile as well, and a very peaceful day.


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