Individual Courses for Spiritual Development


Wisdom, when put into practice, provides one the ability to live a life rich in fullness, happiness, and the freedom from the past binding habits of existence.

The Buddhi Institute offers clients and students wisdom based courses, spiritual development programs and private coaching sessions. Each mentioned venue provides you with tools to embrace a remarkable transition toward awakening to your purpose, and living a balanced life in state of happiness.

The benefits of learning and applying practical wisdom to your life offers:

* Living your life in Awareness.
* Living with a continued sense of calmness.
* Clarity of mind.  Release of confusion and negative thoughts.
* A dedicated balanced life of inspiration.
* Overall success and well-being.
* Increased level of spiritual wisdom, unveiling your True Purpose.


Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.   ~ Rumi.



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